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Full text of "The graduating exercises of the Fifty-fifth session (1949)"

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1. Crown Him With Many Crowns 

Crown Him with many crowns, 

The Lamb upon His throne: 
Hark, how the heavenly anthem drowns 

All music but its own! 
Awake, my soul, and sing 

Of Him who died for thee. 
And hail Him as thy matchless King 

Through all eternity. 

Crown Him the Lord of life 

Who triumphed o'er the grave, 
And rose victorious in the strife 

For those He came to save. 
His glories now we sing 

Who died and rose on high. 
Who died eternal life to bring, 

And lives that death may die. 

Crown Him the Lord of peace. 

Whose power a sceptre sways 
From pole to pole, that wars may cease. 

Absorbed in prayer and praise. 
His reign shall know no end; 

And round His pierced feet 
Fair flowers of Paradise extend 

Their fragrance ever sweet. 


2. How Sweet The Name 

How sweet the name of Jesus sounds 

In a believer's ear! 
It soothes his sorrows, heals his wounds, 

And drives away his fear. 

It makes the wounded spirit whole. 
And calms the troubled breast; 

'Tis manna to the hungry soul. 
And to the weary rest. 

Jesus, my Shepherd, Husband, Friend, 
My Prophet Priest, and King, 

My Lord, my Life, my Way, my End, 
Accept the praise I bring. 


Name Home Address 

Margaret Elizabeth Barry .... Beaver Harbour, New Brunswick 

Barbara Joyce Beck, R.N Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario 

Ida Gwendoline Bell Hamilton, Bermuda 

Margaret Bragg Fort Frances, Ontario 

Wrenfred Bryant Verdun, Quebec 

Margaret Patricia Burton London, Ontario 

Clarence Edward Cameron London, Ontario 

David McLean Cameron Toronto, Ontario 

Raymond Hendrick Costerus Liu An, China 

Walter Arthur Cruickshank Toronto, Ontario 

William Harold Crump Hamilton, Ontario 

Alexander McCullouch Deans, M.C Bolton, Ontario 

Barbara May Deer Manchester, England 

Lillian Evelyn Dodhani Toronto, Ontario 

Helen Ruth Durrant, R.N St. Marys, Ontario 

Cordon Thomas Elliott Toronto, Ontario 

Ruth Alfreda Falconbridge Toronto, Ontario 

Christine Margaret Ferrier Toronto, Ontario 

Robert Dann Filyer Stouffville, Ontario 

Joan Irene Filyer Stouffville, Ontario 

Gordon Leonard Fish St. Thomas, Ontario 

Verlie Christina Garrold Campden, Ontario 

Frederick Charles Gould Toronto, Ontario 

Muriel Joyco Hatte Seal Cove, New Brunswick 

Tressa Jean Hill Maxwell, Ontario 

Sheila Margaret Hoag Kingston, Ontario 

Kathleen Marjory Hull Woodstock, New Brunswick 

Arthur Christian Hux Rodney, Ontario 

Myrtle Mae Ingersoll Black's Harbour, New Brunswick 

Margaret Elizabeth Johnson Ravenna, Ontario 

Lolita Irene Keliey Montreal, Quebec 

Eileen Frances Kerr Nipissing Junction, Ontario 

Janet Maud Kerr Ste. Genevieve, Quebec 

Joyce Bernice Kerr Verdun, Quebec 

Alex. Parsons LaughlLn Toronto, Ontario 

Mildred Hazel Law Hampton Station, New Brunswick 

Eunice Jean Linton Balsam, Ontario 

Clarence William Lohnes _ Kitchener, Ontario 

Jessie Roberta Mair Toronto, Ontario 

Elsie Chalmers Mathewson Newmarket, Ontario 

Isabella Green JefiFeries McColl Port Arthur, Ontario 

Lorna Elizabeth McComb, R.N Toronto, Ontario 

Howard Eugene McCormick Bear River, Nova Scotia 

Lafayetta Marie McDonald Niagara Falls, Ontario 

Vernon Weir McDormand Westport, Nova Scotia 

William Vincent Milner Kentville, Nova Scotia 

Glen Austin Newson Grand Valley, Ontario 

Percy Woodley Page Montreal, Quebec 

Florence Lauretta Pletsch, R.N Calgary, Alberta 

Audrey Marie Roberts Hamilton, Ontario 

John Windsor Roberts _ Hamilton, Ontario 

Pauline Frances Rockwell, R.N Truro, Nova Scotia 

William Arthur Rogers Weston, Ontario 

Malcolm Douglas Ropp Woodstock, Ontario 

Yvonne Elizabeth Sampson Toronto, Ontario 

Doreen Margaret Schram Toronto, Ontario 

Shirley Louise Spencer Falmouth, Nova Scotia 

Joyce Maves StaflFord Marysville, New Brunswick 

Georgette Philomene Stevens Ghent, Belgium 

Ernest George Strongilharm Verdun, Quebec 

Thelma Gertrude Tedford Indian River, Ontario 

Ruth Millar Tolley, R.N Saull Ste. Marie, Ontario 

Evelyn Mabel Wallace, R.N Nipissing Junction, Ontario 

Roy Frank Wallace Nifyissing Junction, Ontario 

Herman James Westman Vancouver, British Columbia 

Ida Marie White, R.N Goderich, Ontario 

Marjorie Grace Whitson Sylvania, Saskatchewan 

Leonard Grant Wright Orangeville, Ontario 


Thelma Atkinson Jean Parish 

May Baxter Eleanor Patrick 

Edith Blowing Helen Richardson 

Adelo Cantwell Grace Adele Self 

Mary Charboneau Marion Slighite 

Iva English Doris E. Tdnney 
Audrey Warrian 


3. Help Me, O Lord 

Help me, O' Lord, the God of my salvation! 

I have no hope, no refuge, but in Thee; 
Help me to make this perfect consecration, 

In life or death Thine evermore to be. 

Help me, O Lord, to keep my pledge unbroken! 

Guard Thou my ways, my thoughts, my tongue, my heart; 
Help me to trust the word which Thou hast spoken, 
That from Thy paths my feet may ne'er depart. 

Help me, O Lord! My strength is only weakness, 
Thine, thine the power by which alone I live ; 

Help me each day to bear the cross with meekness, 
Till Thou at last the promised crown shall give. 


Persons interested in obtaining further information 
about the DAY or EVENING CLASSES, or who wish 
to apply now for possible enrolment this Fall, may 
use this form, then detach and hand to an usher, or 
moil to the Registrar, Toronto Bible College, 16 
Spadina Road. 

Please send me information concerning — 

The Day Classes D-' The Evening Classes □. 

I am not yet sure about being able to attend in 
the coming session, but I should like to present my 
name now in order to hold a place for September. 
I agree to let the College Registrar know when my 
decision becomes definite one way or the other 

Name Address Phone 


The National Anthem — (Choir only) 

Hymn - No. 1: — "Crown Him with Many Crowns" 

Scripture Reading and Prayer: Rev. W. E. Hodgson, D.D. 

Anthem — by the College Student Body — led by Mr. Cyril 
Redford: — ''Lift up your Heads, O Ye Gates" ( Ashford) 

Words of Welcome by the Chairman — 

Principal I. B. Rhodes 

The Ladies' Double Trio: — ''Beside Still Waters" 

Words of Witness by Graduating Students: — 

Christine Ferrier, Marjorie Whitson, Georgette Stevens 

The Ladies' Choir: — '^Hold Thou My Hand" 

Words of Witness by Graduating Students: — 

Roy Wallace, Wrenfred Bryant, Howard McCormick 

The Male Quartet: — '7n Heavenly Love Abiding" 

Words of Witness by Graduating Students: — 

Ruth Tolley, John Roberts 

The Evangelistic Choir (Mixed Voices): — 

"Bless Thou the Lord, O My Soul (Ippolitov-Ivanof) 

Offering and Announcements 

Hymn - No. 2: — "How Sweet the Name" 

Contralto Solo — Marion Crowley Newby (2nd Year 

Student): — "Breathe on me, Holy Spirit" 

Presentation of Diplomas and Certificates by the 

Vice-President, Mr. Wm. Inrig 

Prayer of Dedication: — Principal-Emeritus 

John McNicol, D.D. 

The College Hymn - No. 3 

Benediction: — Rev. D. A. Burns, Director of Practical Work 


(Also Evangelical, Missionary and Co-Educational) 


E. G. Baker, President William Inrig, Vice-President 

G. G. Richardson, Treasurer 
John McNicol John Westren 

J. B. Rhodes W. Willis Naylor 

A. E. Armstrong 


Rev. R. A. Armstrong, M.A., D.D. H. W. Bickerstaff 
Rev. Robert Barr, M.A. Harry P. Brown 
Rev. H. H. Bingham, D.D. George N. Elliot 
Rev. E. A. Brownlee, B.A., B.Th. Donald M. Fleming, K.C, LL.B. 
Rev. Peter Bryce, D.D., LL.D. J. S. Gartshore 
Rev. W. A- Cameron. D.D. J. E. Gray, M.A., B.Paed. 
Rev. J. B. McLaurin, D.D. James H. Hmiter 
Rev. Richard B. Oliver J. H. S. Ken- 
Rev. J. D. Paterson, L.Th. R. W. Kilgour 
Rev. George C. Pidgeon, D.D. W. J. Lind 
Dr. Isaac Erb A. C. Thompson 
Dr. W. T. Hamilton S. C. Welby 


Rev. John McNicol, B.A., D.D Principal-Emeritus 

Rev. J. B. Rhodes, M.A., Th.D Principal 

Rev. C. A. Armstrong, M.A Registrar 

Rev. D. A. Bums, B.A., B.Th. Supt. o{ Student Activities 

Rev. D. E. Raymer, B.A.Sc _ Secretary 

Cyril Redford _ _ „ Director of Music 

J. M. Waters M.D., CM _ Medical Advisee 


Rev. John McLaurin, D.D., Christian Missions 

Mr. Sam Brownsberger Christian Education 
(Master, The Bruce School, Toronto) 

Mrs. Douglas Percy, A.T.C.M., Music